Monday, April 1, 2013

Why You Should Listen to Some 'Happy Music' Everyday!

I've always had music in my life, from childhood to now. My mother loved music so our home was always filled with music of some kind. I remember when she bought a new record player called a 'High Fidelity' or 'Hi-Fi' player. It was in a cabinet, with big speakers and had great sound.

This was the ‘new sound technology’ of the time. It was a big step forward from the tabletop, monophonic record players most people had. Hi-Fi was the predecessor of stereo sound. She played her records all day long!

She was also a pianist; she played for our church and she played our home piano, a lot! So, it's no surprise that each of us children had to take piano lessons too. Music has always filled my life in some way. As a teen, I took voice lessons and singing turned out to be my passion!
There are many genres of music today: some are positive, uplifting and make you feel good, while others...are not! No matter what your general music preference is, you should include some happy music in your life.

Music is therapeutic; it speaks to our souls in ways that words can’t. It can positively shift your mood, lift your spirits and make you feel good. It’s particularly helpful when you’re feeling sad or depressed.

Music is universal. It speaks to all people no matter what their native language is. Music is a language all its own. Even plants and animals respond to music. There was a book written back in the 70s, called ‘The Secret Life of Plants’.

The book detailed a study of the effects of different kinds of music on the growth and development of plants. The researchers exposed some plants to rock music; these plants didn’t do well…some of them even died.

They exposed other plants to classical music. These plants thrived and grew larger and faster than those with no music at all. This study proved scientifically that music has a physical effect on life forms exposed to it.

I was watching a talk show this morning and the topic of music and how it influences us came up for discussion. Some researchers did a study to see what our tolerance levels for cold is (don’t ask me why they did this study, but they did).

In the study, they immersed people’s hands in ice water. They found that the people could hold their hands in the ice water longer, when they were listening to music.

Michael Strahan, ex-pro football player and co-host of the ‘Kelly and Michael’ morning show confirmed this fact. He said that football players take ice water baths after intense practice sessions. He said it was much easier for him to stay in the ice bath longer, when he listened to music through headphones.

He also said he listens to happy music before coming on the show each morning to get his energy going and set his mood. His song of preference is 'Morning' by Al Jarreau. This is a great happy song!

Playing happy music is one of my Happiness Tips from my ‘Master to Keys to Happiness System’. So if you want to feel happier and have more great days, play some happy music every day.

Whatever music you choose, select something that makes you want to sing and dance like no one is watching...'Don't Worry...Be Happy!'
Music, Love and Happiness to You Always,

Lyn Williams
Love and Happiness Mastery Mentor

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