Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Re-Birthday!

On this very special day of our spiritual re-birth, I wish you a very 'Happy Re-birthday' filled with all the love, light, comfort and success you deserve and desire!

I've been doing additional, and longer meditations for the last 2 days. I've received many wonderful new insights...some of which I'm still receiving, so I don’t totally understand them yet.

I am feeling more inner peace and calm, even as I face the remaining challenges brought by 2012.

Frankly, I'm so glad to see 2013 coming in. The numerological energy of 2012, the #5, with all of it's challenging, need to grow, learn and stretch yourself energy, is finally winding down.

The balancing, harmonizing, gentle, loving energy of the #6 is coming in with 2013. THANK GOD for that!

I don’t know about you, but I've got stretch marks all over my body and soul; and I'm ready for a little 'ease and grace'.

So, cheers to 2013 and all that it promises. I’m excited, and ‘insighted’ to see/feel what it brings!

Love and Light to you always…
Rev Lyn

Monday, December 17, 2012

Remember to Remember Them!

Today, I prayed for the children, teachers, families and friends of those who were lost in last week’s violence. I also prayed for those who were lost in the recent mall shootings, and other violent events. And, I included the children who were hurt in the violent attack in China, the two police officers killed outside a store in the Midwest, and their families too.

I’m still avoiding the media news stories as much as I can, but it’s all over the internet and everywhere else. So, to help contribute something positive into the energies surrounding all of this, I’m praying for the healing and recovery of everyone. It’s my way of processing all that’s happening and addressing how it affects me too.

It’s as though there’s this wave of madness breaking out all over the world…and as my mentor, Dr. Masters has often said…that’s exactly what it is.

In one of his Sunday talks, he tells of Jesus’s encounter with Satan while he was in the wilderness. Satan offered him power and the riches of the world, if he’d join him.

Jesus refused, saying he loved us and didn’t want the power or to dominate us. Satan’s reply was…why not…they’ll be easy to control. Just look at them, they’re all insane!

Of course this is just a very general paraphrasing, but you get the point. I’ve often thought of this particular message when I sought to understand and make sense of the crazy, violent things that happen in our world. And, it makes perfectly good sense…it is insanity in every sense of the word.

I understand very well what the families of these victims are going through. I lost my son, and a sister to gun violence on June 21, 1988 and June 26, 1990, respectively; two years apart, almost to the day. It took over 18 years for me be able to get through June without 2 or more weeks of sadness and crying.

Every incidence of gun violence like we’ve had over the last decade or so, brings it all back in a very personal way. So, I pray…for those lost, and even more for those who are left behind because they are the ones who need our help the most.

There’s a lot of attention focused on them now, but soon the energy and attention will shift and they’ll be left to deal with the ‘aftermath’. That’s when they’ll really need our support and love. It’s the darkest and most difficult time of grieving.

So, I ask you to do something in your own way to remember them…for a long time. As you pray now, include a general prayer request in your prayers.

You can simply say, Spirit I send love, light, comfort and healing energy to all those I’ve prayed for in the past who still need your help to heal, recover and move through their losses, health challenges, fear and painful experiences.

I pray for lots of people, but sometimes the names are forgotten over time; or the list gets too long. For me, this felt like an effective way to still support anyone who may still be in need and struggling to heal.

People heal at different rates and sometimes there are setbacks or additional events. This general request provides spiritual support where needed, as long as it’s needed.

I ask you to join me in doing this general request for continual spiritual support as we move forward and lose sight of those who will be in need of love and comfort for a long time.

We are all one! And, by remembering and honoring the many, we also remember and honor ourselves. We all need prayer, comfort and support every day of our lives. This is one way to give our continuous support, even as life goes on.

Love and Light to you always…
Rev Lyn

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A word of perspective on recent events and December 12th & 21st

A word of perspective on recent events, and those that are yet to come as we ascend with Mother Earth, co-create and embrace our new lives:

I stopped watching the news reports after the 5pm news broadcast that day. I usually watch ABC Evening News with Diane Sawyer, but when they announced a special 1 hour edition, I decided then and more news shows for several let the furor die down.

I don’t want that energy in my consciousness, especially now; and you should be diligent and protect your consciousness too. We’re in a very powerful creative mode. That’s what all of the 12/12 and 12/21 talk is about.

I wish the media wouldn't give so much attention to these events. It's so incendiary. It encourages the mentally ill, weak-minded and unconscious to do things that will get them on tv, no matter what the cost, or how much damage they do in the process.

However, I also know that the energy behind these behaviors is that of Darkness. It is its last ditch effort to survive by creating fear and inflicting pain and suffering as we ascend into the Light.

Fear and suffering are the sustenance of Darkness, and as we buy into it, we feed that dark energy. This gives it power; at least for a little while.

But, there’s so much Light being sent to us now, and so much that’s already here, that it doesn’t really matter what the Darkness does now. We are ascending with Mother Earth.

We are co-creating a new world, along with Creator, Spirit and Mother Earth. We’re giving birth to something entirely new. What do you want to that be…look like…feel like? Set your attention there!

It’s like a new baby. Birth is a messy, intense and even risky process. But, it’s also a wonderful experience of love, once the new life emerges.

We’re now in the ‘labor’ stage. 12/12 has already passed. It was our turning onto the walkway as we approach the door.

On 12/21 we will walk through the door and leave all that isn’t of the Light behind. It’s not that all will be perfect overnight, but it will be phenomenal just the same.

I view it like moving into a new home. You move in, and once all your things are unloaded, you shut the door and your new life begins. There’s the unpacking, arranging, finding your way around your new surroundings…getting used to its energy and adjusting to your new life.

While the transition is in process many things will happen. Some of it will be challenging, but more of it will be enlightening and inspiring. Some changes will be subtle, while others will be profound.

All of us will experience it in our own ways; according to our sensitivity, perspectives and levels of awareness. This is a very auspicious time for Earth and for all of her life forms.

Stay focused on the energies of Light, Love, Balance, Order, Security, Comfort and Power…give your energy to that which you want to happen; despite appearances and what you see around you…give your attention to the Light!

In the next weeks and months, we may find ourselves processing through more disturbing events. Keep them in perspective. Use your ‘MAP’ tools (meditation, affirmation and prayer) as often as necessary to stay centered and comfortable.

Ask your angels and guides for guidance, protection, clarity and assistance where and when you need it. They are here for us and are available 24/7, but you must ask. Asking is simple.

If you don’t know a particular angel or guide’s name, just ask for assistance from the angels and guides of the Light, Love, of higher realms, of heaven and those who serve Spirit, and they will come.

Remember to support this transitional process with your love, light and courage. Light always dispels darkness. So, turn on your light, and let it shine brightly…and all will be well!

Love and Light to you always…
Rev Lyn

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Law of Attraction: Why Doesn't It Work for Me?

There are a great many examples and displays of the Law of Attraction and how it works all around us. There are also lots of writings, perspectives and explanations of its power; and all are very enlightening. But, many are lacking substance and useful information.

In my heart I can't help feeling a bit disappointed that the world we live in has mis-lead and brainwashed us so badly that our experience of the Law has been distorted at best, and in too many instances…damaging.

For many people, the mis-use of the Law of Attraction has created more painful experiences than pleasant ones. These painful experiences have created emotional blocks and scars that have compromised our joy, love, success and even our health. As a result, we have to overcome many issues, and are required to re-train our minds in order to make this ‘natural process’ work for us.

Most of us feel like the Law of Attraction is working us, instead of us working the Law. And, there’s some truth to this belief. It seems so unfair, because this Law, this Divine Energy was designed to be our benefactor and the creative medium we were to use to create the lives of our dreams.

But, rather than go into all of the reasons why we’ve come to this place of ignorance and confusion about the Law of Attraction, I’ll use this time to talk about how we can correct our beliefs and behaviors, so we can begin to experience the wonderful things the Law can bring to us.

There are many ‘Laws’ of the Universe. There’s the ‘Law of Belief’: it is done unto you as you believe. There’s the ‘Law of Gravity’: it’s what makes this physical Universe possible; it’s what holds everything together, and us to the Earth.

And, there’s the ‘Law of Attraction’, which is more commonly interpreted as you ‘reap what you sow’; simply put, that’s exactly what it is. You receive the energy equivalent of what you put out. And, like the other Laws, it works whether you know it exists or not; whether you believe it works or not; and whether or not you consciously work with it.

The Law of Gravity is based on the power of magnetism. It always ensures that everything physical will be drawn to the center of gravity of the largest celestial body around or near it. This is a very simplistic explanation that suffices for this conversation.

The Law of Attraction is based on energetic/emotional vibrations. Here on Earth, we are the emotional vibration centers. Therefore, the Law will draw to us, our emotional vibrational equivalent.

All emotions have vibrational frequencies. You can feel the energies of love, joy, fear and hate. Love and joy make us feel good; fear and hate do not. For us it means that what we feel, determines what comes to us. In order for the Law of Attraction to work for us and attract the things we want, we have to be emoting at certain vibrational frequencies…consistently.

And, therein lies the problem. Most of us are not in control of our emotions. Very often we’re expressing them dysfunctionally, and at other times, we’re in the ‘negative zone’. As a result, we create more of what we don’t want, than what we want.

For example, many of us are filled with fear, worry, stress, anger, resentment and depression. These are very low frequency emotions that restrict the ability of the Law of Attraction to bring the good things we want in life to us. These energies are incompatible with the positive energies of abundance, prosperity, love, joy and success.

It’s like the energy fields of a magnet; one end is positively charged and the other end is negatively charged. When the compatible energy ends of two magnets face each other, they are drawn together. When the opposing energy ends face each other, the magnets are pushed apart.

Our emotions work the same way. So, in order for us to use the Law of Attraction correctly, we have to get our emotions vibrating at a level that attracts what we want, instead of repelling it. It’s a principle of the Universe that incompatible energies can’t come together.

As simple as the concept of the Law of Attraction is, there are many complexities underlying how we interact with it. Our experiences, beliefs, programming (by parental and societal training and behaviors), all affect our ability to work with the Law.

Our experiences and belief systems are usually set during our childhood. We are deeply imprinted by what we see, feel and hear from our parents, teachers, and surroundings early on. Let’s talk about that for a minute.

If you grew up in a home where your parents struggled with money and never seemed to have enough; maybe even fought a lot about the lack and limitations the were experiencing, you probably have a lack and limitation mindset that’s deeply rooted in your subconscious mind.

Without knowing it, you continue to create the lack and limitation conditions that you learned in your childhood. Those deep seated, unconscious belief systems will require clearing in order for you to turn things around. But, don’t worry…it can be cleared.

Conversely, if you grew up in a home where there was abundance and prosperity, and your parents were loving and respectful of each other and their children, you probably have an unconscious ability to make the Law of Abundance work for you. You simply do it without thinking about it.

Another channel for negative programming may come from our religious training, or lack thereof. Perhaps you were told that money was evil, or that rich people were materialistic and selfish. That they took advantage of others and couldn’t be trusted.

You may have been taught that having money would ruin you, or that you’d be corrupted if you ever became successful and wealthy. Maybe you were taught that money wasn’t spiritual and that only poor people would be worthy of going to heaven.

But, none of that is true. And yet, you were programmed to live a life of lack and limitation, fear and insecurity and confusion. As a result, no amount of positive thinking is going to make the Law of Attraction work for you until you clear and reframe your beliefs. Then and only then, will you be able to work the Law of Attraction as it was designed and intended.

The bottom line is this. You CAN change your beliefs, learn to use the Law of Attraction correctly, and create the life you’ve always wanted. There are practices, techniques and healing modalities available to make this transformation happen.

All you have to do is decide you want to live a life of abundance, joy and love, and then take action to make it happen. Your life won’t transform overnight, but once you start the journey, you will see results…and fairly quickly.

So…it’s all up to you! You can live in denial and limitation and tell yourself there’s nothing you can do about it, or you can take control of your life and make the Law work for you. Make that choice today…and start living the life of your dreams.

Love and Light to you always…♥
Law of Attraction: Making It Work for You
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