Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Watch Your Words...They Empower Your Life

Our words have power and using the right ones can move you forward, create obstacles or hold you back.

I was reading a comment from a member of one of my LinkedIn groups who eliminated the auto-response word 'sorry' from her vocabulary and it reminded me of some of the vocabulary adjustments I've made that have made a significant difference in my life.

The first one was the word ‘anxious’. This was several years ago. I wrote a writer friend to express my feelings about having my book published and I said I was ‘anxious’ to get it done. She quickly corrected me and said ‘try using the word ‘eager’ instead of ‘anxious’. It carries a much more positive energy.

The next word swap came from my former Religious Science minister Rev David Phears. We were talking about some experiences I was having after my ex-husband passed. He asked how I was doing and I said, ‘Oh, I’m surviving!’ Immediately he said, ‘Let’s change that word ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’. It’ll help shift your energy and move you towards healing and perfect health faster.’

He was right! The shift was almost immediate. Even if you're not feeling that powerful in that moment, saying you're thriving empowers and uplifts you, while saying you're surviving depletes your energy and makes you feel helpless or hopeless.

I also replaced 'I'll try or I'm trying' with 'I intend to or I'm intending to'. Trying sends the energy into the future which is uncertain, while 'intend' brings it into the present and sets your intention to succeed.

And, I switched the word 'should' with 'I am going to, or I will...'. This one's a little trickier because it's a subtler transfer of your energy to sometime or somewhere else; it infers 'a maybe...uncertainty'. It allows you an 'out' or an option not to do something.

Most recently, I’ve started using 'I think' instead of 'I believe' because it doesn't make people feel like I'm imposing my views on them or give them the feeling that their opinions should be changed in some way. Saying you 'think' something is sometimes perceived as an attempt convince or change another person's point of view or mindset.

And, even if you are suggesting a change, saying you 'believe' says it's your belief and that it's ok if they don't agree with your belief. I found it to be a softer approach and there's usually less resistance, and it seems to encourage discussion. But, I’m still consciously adjusting with this one, so it’s still a work in progress.

So...what words have you changed to empower the language you use?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's Official...The APA Agrees That EFT Really Works!

Oh, Happy Day!! EFT (aka Tapping) has just announced this incredible energy healing modality has met the standards of the American Psychological Association (APA) giving EFT the recognition as an evidence-based treatment for several psychological conditions including PTSD! This is a major step in establishing the credibility of this special technique.

'Break out the Champagne! EFT Meets APA Standards: A historic moment has arrived, that marks the fruition of an enormous amount of work and persistence by many, many people. This week we changed the EFT Research page to read as follows: "The current status of EFT as an "evidence-based" practice is summarized in this statement in the APA (American Psychological Association) journal Review of General Psychology: 'A literature search identified 50 peer-reviewed papers that report or investigate clinical outcomes following the tapping of acupuncture points to address psychological issues. The 17 randomized controlled trials in this sample were critically evaluated for design quality, leading to the conclusion that they consistently demonstrated strong effect sizes and other statistical results that far exceed chance after relatively few treatment sessions. Criteria for evidence-based treatments proposed by Division 12 of the American Psychological Association were also applied and found to be met for a number of conditions, including PTSD.' (Feinstein, in press)" This is sober academic language for a seismic shift in the geography of healing. For the past five years, we've worked incredibly hard, through unbelievable obstacles, to complete the research required to meet APA Division 12 standards. This milestone, published in an APA journal, marks a tipping point in EFTs credibility. You can now confidently present your EFT Universe certification in Clinical EFT as training in an "evidence-based" practice.'

As an EFT Practitioner, I'm delighted to have been apart of this wonderful healing practice while it went through its growth and validation processes over the last few years.

If you have a healing issue and you'd like to explore EFT as a possible solution, please contact me at: thewomanexec@gmail.com . I'd be delighted to become your practioner.

To read more about this great step forward in the field of alternative healing modalities, go to http://www.eftuniverse.com

Saturday, May 12, 2012

It Is Beautiful!

Dreaming my ideal and perfect life, it’s one I’ve envisioned for a lifetime. I see beautiful surroundings filled with peace, love, light, joy, prosperity, harmony, freedom, perfect health, balance, order and understanding. I see that I belong where I am, with those I am with; and always at home in my own body.

I feel accepted and cherished by those I love, as I cherish and love them in return. I am surrounded and infused by the light and love that permeates and emanates from everything, everywhere.

I see brilliant, vibrant, beautiful colors that seem to make their own music; they sing their own song! The air is clean, fresh, fragrant and warm; yet it is cool and soft. All around me there are the soft harmonies of living music that flows from Life itself.

I am the perfect, loving compassionate, companion; and I am enjoying life with the perfect, loving, compassionate companion for me. We give to and receive from each other all that we need and desire. I am peaceful, serene and content. I am joyful and tranquil; energetic and vital. I am full of life, love and light. I am complete.

I am happy and free. I am filled with power and intention. I am divinely guided in all that I say and do. Beauty and joy are all I know. I sing a song of my own creation; a song I write from moment to moment, as it is a song that is written by the beat of my heart, as it sings with joy and love.

Beautiful flowers are all around me, growing everywhere as far as the eye can see. They dance with delight at every sound. The trees and plants sway in gentle breezes of moist, warm-cool air. The sweet air nourishes everything as it passes in, around and through all of creation; for it is the gentle, sweet Breath of God; the Breath of Life itself.

I rise to celebrate each and every day with joy, thanksgiving and love as I truly appreciate the blessings each day brings. With so much love and light all around me, I am wonderfully and completely blessed and content.

Each day is Life’s gift to me. My appreciation, joy and love are my gifts to Life. I rise, I rejoice and I live!!!

And so it is…

© March 31, 2008

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Unconditional Love! A Earthly vs Spiritual Perspective!

Unconditional Love is not an emotion or a belief but a wordless revelation of universal truth. It is inexpressibly tender, beautiful, holy and nourishing. Shrillness, rudeness, confusion and anger will devour it. Without this love the heart is frozen and life is cold, bleak and pathetic in comparison. With this love life becomes refreshed and reborn never to die again. John E. Lewis Jr., May, 2012

John Lewis, a ministerial colleague, posted this statement on an alumni group site I belong to. It initiated some lively discussion of opinions, experiences and perpectives that were very inspiring and enlightening.

So much so, that I was moved to share some of my comments with you today.

Some of the members were commenting on whether or not Unconditional Love was possible for humans, based on where we are now in terms of our current levels of spirituality, limited awareness and evolutionary status.

Some said, they didn’t feel they could really express Unconditional Love to others who were not members of their circle of loved ones because it required a certain level of acceptance that they couldn’t extend to those who weren’t loved ones.

At last count, there were over 75 comments; and the perspectives covered the spectrum from traditional to the esoteric; from the general to the personal. Here’s what I offered for their, and your consideration:
I just wonder if the differences we see in what we call 'Unconditional Love' may be in our understanding of what love is...and confused with what we define 'love' to be. In my very humble opinion, I think they’re two different things.

Perhaps part of the problem is that we confuse the meanings of 'love' and 'Love'. One is physical, and one is spiritual.

In terms of Spirit, and our expressions of it, I believe 'Unconditional Love' is possible and that we embrace/express it…we are it.

But, in the terms of 'love' on the physical plane, we can't be unconditional because it requires some emotional attachment, interpretation or connection. In my opinion, Unconditional Love is in the same category as forgiveness…maybe they’re two sides of the same coin. Unconditional Love is expressing Spirit; it’s ‘without attachment’, while love is expressing emotion and ‘infers attachment’.

It's something you do or give without attachment to the outcome, circumstances or situation. It's merely your allowance for the outcome, circumstance or situation to 'be', whatever form that ‘being’ shows up.

You love someone that's special to you...there's a feeling and an expectation attached to it. But, Unconditional Love can be given to someone you don't know at all, and yet you support them in their life process and experience. Like letting someone be as dysfunctional as they want to be without trying to ‘fix’ them. You may choose to distance yourself from the situation temporarily or permanently. You simply bless them and their situation and allow it to be…detached from the drama and emotion.

For instance, I had a BIG opportunity to express Unconditional Love when it came to dealing with the man who murdered my son. I had the option to hate him, give him power over my life and live with that rage forever. But, I decided early on that he’d already exerted enough power and influence over my life and I was going to put a stop to it immediately, detach from it and live the happy life I had before he made the decision to kill my son.

I didn’t know his story. I didn’t know what events and experiences drove him to become such a violent, dangerous person. I didn’t know him before I saw him in court during those trials. And while I hated what he’d done. I didn’t want to be energetically connected to him any longer than I had to.

I realized that this was my A-ha life lesson about Unconditional Love. Through that experience, I could learn the lesson and live, or avoid the lesson and spend the rest of my life in resistance and pain. In that moment, Unconditional Llove meant loving myself enough to keep living, and allowing him to live his own life, detached from mine. After all, he was a child of Spirit too, whether I liked it our not.

I didn’t know what happened to make him the way he was; I didn’t know why he chose to kill my son. I didn’t know what events or agreements may have taken place on the spiritual plane between him and my son before they came into physical life that set the wheels in motion to bring them together at that point in time.

But, I had to deal with it. I know we all make agreements and plans before we incarnate to ensure we have the experiences we come here to have and serve our life's purpose. Sometimes the manifestation of those agreements looks and/or feels ‘bad’ when we experience them in this space and time. But, who am I to judge their real meanings…I’m only dealing with partial information.

When Spirit says we shouldn’t judge or try to control people and situations, I think that’s the reason why; and that’s also why and when we’re supposed to practice Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love is not the same love we have for those we ‘love’, but a spiritual practice of allowing each spirit to live and express its life as is appropriate for their path and life's purpose.♥

Much Love and Light to You!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Feel the Fear, Then Clear It With Tapping!

‘Feel the Fear, Then Do It Anyway!’ Ever heard that expression? I’m sure you have. It’s what our parents, bosses and mentors tell us to do when we’re trying to do something new, like striving to achieve a dream or goal. They say, just grit your teeth and go for it.

And, it’s a good strategy unless you’re talking about the real fear that comes from the threat of danger. That’s part of our survival instinct. It helps us stay alive.

But, we’re not talking about fight or flight fear responses now. We’re talking about the fear that comes from our psyche when we’re faced with doing something we’ve never done before, or something that makes us uncomfortable like stage fright, jumping into water, asking your boss for a raise or cold-calling clients. And to make the separation clear I’m going to call this the ‘Crazy Fear’…because in many ways it is crazy. It’s an irrational reaction to a lot of made up ‘stuff’ that can’t hurt us and for the most part, isn’t even real.

Now, there are times when just powering through a situation works just fine. But, there are other times, when just powering through it isn’t enough. When it’s a behavior, or task that you have to do regularly, powering through it can have the opposite effect. It can actually make you more resistant to taking action; sometimes to the point of just not doing it at all. It’s exhausting, and it takes a lot of energy to maintain that kind of persistence for long periods of time.

For some of us, these fears can be terrifying, to the point of paralysis. They block our success; and prevent us from living life to the fullest. Sometimes, they block us from simply living. But the truth is, they’re completely imaginary; they are figments of our own imaginations. Yet, they hold us back and keep us from fulfilling our dreams and desires and living our best life.

So, let’s take a look at FEAR! What is it really? One way of describing it is that it’s simply ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’…so real that it binds us mentally and in some ways physically. In some people, the physical symptom can be dramatic, ranging from dizziness and sweating to vomiting and muscle paralysis.

A good example is public speaking. It’s a known fact that most people would rather die than speak before an audience. Now that’s about as dramatic as it gets. But, it also illustrates how irrational it is. Death means the end of your lifetime on the planet. While giving a speech only lasts a few minutes, and you can go on with your life afterwards.

How ‘crazy’ is that? Now, I have a confession to make…I have a crazy fear of my own. I’m a singer. I’ve performed before audiences many times, as a soloist, a member of a choir and 6 member group…and I absolutely love it. I also love public speaking. Give me a microphone and I can talk for hours.

My ‘crazy fear’ is cold-calling clients. Like a lot of other people, calling strangers to solicit them for business is terrifying. Why? I haven’t the slightest idea. While some people seem to like it, most people hate it. Still they have to do it because it’s part of their job. Somehow, these brave souls find the where-with-all to work through their fear and do it anyway.

But I never found that inner resolve to power through this fear. For me, it’s almost impossible for me to make myself pick up the phone and call a client. I’d find all kinds of distractions so I could postpone making those phone calls. I’m not sure where it came from, or when it started. All I know is it was a real problem for me because I’m a real estate investor. I have to call my clients to make my money. It’s became a major hindrance to my success.

Funny huh? I can almost hear some of you saying, how can you be so at ease singing and speaking in public, and so terrified about making a few phone calls? Well, that’s why I call it the ‘crazy fear’…it doesn’t make sense. It’s a totally irrational behavior. Yet, it’s very real and must be dealt with if we are to move forward, realize our potential and enjoy the success and joy we all aspire to and desire.

I remember a time when I used to love talking on the phone; calling people was not an issue. But somewhere along the line, things shifted. I’ve come to a place where I’d rather do almost anything else but pick up the phone and call a client. I’ve struggled greatly for the last few years to find a way to make a breakthrough. And, finally I did!

In my efforts to understand, clear and work through my crazy fear, I started examining my past to try and identify the event that set the fear response in motion. When did this start? What changed me? How did I build up such a strong resistance to phone calling? And, then there was the bigger question: How was I going to clear it so I could get my business back on track and be successful. It really had become the ‘single’ most critical obstacle to my success.

But, try as I might, I couldn’t remember anything specific to link to my fear. So, instead of working on the event, I decided to focus on the responses. I realized that whatever the ‘event or events’ were, it was the responses…the energetic feelings I was experiencing now that were the show stoppers. So, I decided to concentrate my efforts on dealing with that energy, instead.

Now, this isn’t the usual approach to dealing with a phobia. Traditional practice is to identify the trauma, dig deep into the event, and then attempt to heal it. But, since that wasn’t possible for me to remember the event, I needed an alternative approach. That alternative turned out to be an energy healing modality. One day I got an email about something called EFT, and it literally changed my life.

It simply said…’everything is energy’! And, that was my A-ha moment! Suddenly, I realized that it didn’t matter what the cause was. I could simply work with the energy responses and through them, heal the cause. This was the turning point!

So, what was this thing called ‘EFT’? I knew about Reiki healing, I’d studied it and received my Masters certifications. But, this was something new. EFT, was an energy healing technique called the ‘Emotional Freedom Technique, (more recently called ‘Tapping’).

You may not have heard about it either, and it really isn’t new. EFT or Tapping was developed several decades ago as a way to give people relief from intense emotional problems such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, guilt, anger, grief, and many other emotional and physical issues and conditions.

It’s based on the practice of manipulating the energy centers located in certain places in the body to redirect and stimulate the body’s energy, which allows us to let go of the negative imprints, resulting in healing. Unlike its cousin Acupuncture, no needles or other instruments are used. Instead, EFT or Tapping employs the simple act of tapping on certain energy meridians to release, and/or redirect the energy flow in our body’s energy system. That’s why we call it ‘Tapping’. And, the results can be quite dramatic!

It’s a highly effective process. It can give a person relief from emotional trauma and discomfort in mere minutes. The process includes making simple supportive and affirmative statements to focus attention on the issue while tapping on the energy meridians. By doing this, we re-frame and/or eliminate the negative affect of the memory and the event.

After setting our intention by stating the condition or behavior, we use a tapping sequence on the energy meridians while making other descriptive or affirmative statements, and breathing. The breath is a very important component of clearing energy, so we do it before and after a series of rounds.

Most sessions consist of several rounds to clear and remove the energy blockages. The technique is painless, yet very powerful. There’s no disrobing, and it can be done anywhere, in person, by phone, or via the internet.

Sounds simple doesn’t it…well it is…simple, yet incredibly effective. If you’d like to learn more about the incredible results of using Tapping for PTSD, go here to read about some of the work we’re doing: http://newsletter.eftuniverse.com/index.php?action=message&c=128. Visit the EFT website for more information about Tapping/EFT at: http://www.eftuniverse.com.

Today, many people use Tapping as part of their daily routines to energize and start their day with good energy and a balanced state of mind. I encourage you to try Tapping and see how it works for you. Just email me at: thewomanexec@gmail.com and we’ll schedule a 30 minute ‘FREE TRY TAPPING’ session for you. You’ll notice a difference after just one session!

©February, 2012 Feel the Fear and Clear it with Tapping, by Lyn Williams
Love and Happiness Mastery© Coach
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5 Steps to Discovering Your Dream Career or Business

1. Create a Dream Inventory

Make a list of the things you really enjoy doing. Do it over several days so you have time to give it some thought. First, list everything that comes to mind. This will get the ideas flowing. When something really interests you, add it to your list. Try to write down at least 10 items, the more the better. Once you have the list, review it.

Note the items that stir you emotionally, especially if they’re potentially money-making ideas (i.e. writing, opening a store or business, photography, etc). Next, rate them by your level of interest and do-ability. For instance, if it’s your heart’s desire and you have money and/or the resources to fund your project, make it a 10. You can have multiple 10s. If it interests you, but you may need training, maybe it should be a 6, 7 or 8. Eliminate any idea that rates less than a 6.

2. Research Your Choices

Talk to people who are already doing what you want to do. Get their input on market conditions, trends, specialties and any other information they may have to offer. Google it to see what the demand is for your idea, and to see what the latest techniques or ‘twists’ may be, (i.e. online greeting cards vs hardcopy cards).

Do market analyses to help you determine if your chosen field is in an upward or downward cycle. This may not be a show stopper, but it may mean you’ll need a larger financial base to support you. Or perhaps postpone starting it until the cycle changes.

Use Google AdWords Keyword Tool to see if people are really looking for your topic online. This could be a clue to your idea's marketability.

3. Create a Treasure Map or Book

Look at magazines or print pictures from websites of things related to what you want to do and make a scrapbook. If it’s music, cut out pictures of the instruments you want to play or singers in performance. Go to karaoke lounges and have someone take pictures of you singing.

Get a 3-ring binder and some plastic slip covers or poster board. Arrange the pictures in a way that’s meaningful to you, (by date, significance, or category). Put them in the slip covers or glue them to the poster board. Look at them frequently and let yourself dream. See yourself ‘doing’ what you’re dreaming about. It’ll stimulate your senses and your creative talents will come alive.

4. Narrow Your Choices to 1 or 2 Dreams

This could happen within weeks or months, or only days. Once you start ‘dreaming’ about your new career, you’ll find yourself drawn to 1or 2 subjects more often than all of the others. They’re the ones that you’re being spiritually guided to follow. Follow your intuition; it’s the voice of your heart. These ideas will be your best options for making a living, while doing what you love.

5. Make a Plan

Once you’ve narrowed your choices to 1or 2 options, you can start planning. You can have more than one choice at this point. The activities that follow will facilitate a natural selection based on your continued research and discovery.

I started out planning to open a restaurant, but once I found out how much time, training, money and risk were involved, I chose to do something else. This could happen for you too.

But don’t worry…if one opportunity doesn’t work out, another will. And if both look good and are related in some way, you can always flip a coin…or do both. I did!

Monday, May 7, 2012

There’s more to us than meets the eye!

Yes, we’re just like an iceberg. There’s more to us under the surface than we can see. And just like an iceberg can sink a ship, what’s under our surfaces can, and does sink us! Most of us don’t even realize that this very important part of us exists. We are taught and programmed to think that our physical bodies are all there is.

Western, industrialized societies are among the youngest on Earth as compared to Eastern, African and other societies who’ve been around for many thousands of years. And yet, we think we know more and have it all figured out. But, we don’t. In fact we’re just beginning to discover the real truths about the many levels of Consciousness that exists within and around us. It’s amazing and the truth can be seen all around us, in plain view. The evidence is everywhere. So, let’s take a look.

Basically, there are 3-4 parts to us (depending how you define it). Each part has multiple levels. No one knows exactly how many levels there are because we don’t have the science to detect what happens beyond what’s beyond our current levels of awareness. But, we do know there are the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual levels of existence. We know the most about the physical; we know less about our mental/emotional makeups, and the least about the spiritual. There’s too much detail to discuss here, so I’ll just address the highlights.

First, we have our physical body. It’s where we live. We use it to see, taste, feel, hear and smell our world. It supports us on this plane of existence through our sensory systems and organs. It’s also connected to the other levels of existence through our brains and nervous systems where our thought processes, voluntary and involuntary functions and responses occur. Our brains are simply energy conductors sending electrical messages and instructions to the various systems that make our bodies function.

But our bodies also house our emotional system, which is another energy system that connects our spiritual selves to the physical body. The evidence of its existence is the reaction caused by a thought; or something someone says that you like or don’t like. Your emotional response registers in your brain first, then flows through your emotional body, and is felt in your physical body. The physical body itself doesn’t react to words or thoughts on its own.

Then, there’s our spiritual system. This is where our intuition and life force systems reside; it’s our God or Universe connection…it’s where ‘we’ really live. All of these systems, (physical, mental/emotional and spiritual) work together and exist within an ‘energy field’ that’s the very essence of life itself. Another name for this energy field is God, Universe, Source, Spirit, or whatever name you call it. This energy flows in, around and through us. It’s the enerty substance that everything, including our bodies is made of. It comprises every form, physical and etheric.

It’s the world we perceive through our five senses; it’s sound, color, temperature, light…everything! It sends involuntary energetic messages through our brains to our bodies, sustaining our lives and allowing our bodies to function. And, still it’s more than that.

The truth is…everything is this ‘Energy’. There is nothing that can’t be described as anything but the ‘Energy’. The food we eat is ‘Energy’ in various forms. When we eat it, our bodies convert it to usable energy. Air is ‘Energy’. All you have to do is take a few deep breaths to feel its energizing affect on your body.

Sound is ‘Energy”…really! Just stand in front of a loud speaker and you’ll feel the energy pounding around you. Color is ‘Energy’…it transmits different messages depending on its shade and intensity. Nothing says power like red. Nothing is more soothing than the color blue. Heat, cold, light, wind, water…are all forms of ‘Energy’ that we perceive physically. Then there is the ‘Energy’ of words…the very essence of power. They carry messages that drive and direct our every action, reaction and emotion. Words have started wars and created peace. They inspire us and defeat us. They warm us and chill us. They are invisible, but they have incredible affects on our mental/emotional bodies.

Now let’s talk a bit more about the spiritual part of us. This is where things become esoteric. We can’t see, taste, feel, or smell our spiritual bodies…at least most of us can’t. But, all of us ‘hear’ our spiritual selves. It’s your inner voice, the still, small voice you hear in your head that guides, warns and comforts you from within; not the ego chatter that we hear all day, but small gentle voice we call our intuition or sub-conscious.

Some of us have learned to ignore the voice so we can to do and say anything we want no matter how bad or self-serving it is. However, when we do this, we squeeze the connection to the most powerful and enduring parts of us…our spirits.

Now, I know there are a lot of people who believe our souls aren’t eternal. That once the physical body dies, that’s it…we’re done. But that simply isn’t true. The life force within us, our soul is eternal. Everything has one, and it is part of our Source or Universal selves. It’s the force that controls all of the involuntary functions of your body like heartbeat, breathing, digestion, thinking, etc. It’s the seat of our emotions like love, joy, harmony, and yes even hate and sorrow.

While most people say they believe in the existence of the soul, they’re still not really sure it’s real. That is, until a life changing event like illness, trauma, and/or great loss transforms them. The personal experience of having to draw on that ‘something deep within’ can transform a belief in the soul’s existence. Major events like these are so profound; and require such inner strength and determination to survive and endure, that those who come through these experiences often develop a ‘knowing’ that changes them forever.

Now another word for the universal energy is Consciousness. Sometimes that’s a more comfortable word for people to use instead of God. So let’s go with it. Consciousness. What is it? Well, according to Deepak Chopra ‘The simplest definition of Consciousness is Awareness; the two are synonymous. Consciousness is the potential for all creation. The more Consciousness you have, the more potential you have to create. Pure Consciousness, because it underlies everything, is pure potential. Using Consciousness as its modeling clay, Creation is continuously creating itself. Consciousness turns into things in the objective world, into experiences in the subjective world. Break any experience down to its most basic element, and what you get are invisible ripples in the quantum field; break down any object into its most basic element, and what you get is also a ripple in the quantum field. Therefore, the simplest definition of Consciousness is Awareness.’

In other words, it’s a field of unlimited potential that we have access to. Everything we do, have, think, feel, create, and experience happens in Consciousness…which is the energy that all that is, is made of, and we live and exist within that energy. We are it, which also means we have access to its potential. We are co-creators with it. We create in it and from it. We cannot be separated from it because it is who we are.

Now once we truly understand what this really means, we can begin to change our lives and experiences and have the wonderful lives we really desire. The problem is by the time we come to this understanding, we’ve been so conditioned and programmed by society and our environment to suppress and doubt our true selves, that we don’t have full access anymore. Instead of being open to an unlimited flow, our experiences have caused us to squeeze our access channel to this great power down to a trickle. It’s like the difference between the amount of water rushing through a fire hose vs. a straw…really!

This was a simplified explanation of what’s beneath the surface of us. But now that you see how the 3 bodies interconnect, you can start to understand why the biggest part of you is that which exists under the surface, like an iceberg. But unlike the iceberg, your hidden bodies are active and powerful. They contain all of the ‘stuff’ that drives us, inspires us and blocks us.

As we grow, and choose to be more open, loving and make better choices, we realize the need to improve ourselves and work on our ‘stuff’. For most people, this means improving our physical selves. But since that’s not where our ‘stuff’ is, our efforts usually produce mediocre results. To get the results we desire, we have to go down the rabbit hole and work on the level where our stuff resides…the emotional and spiritual levels.

The first step is to connect with your true self. Then, to start listening to, and nurturing it. Remember, whatever you give your attention to, increases and is empowered.

The first step is to begin new spiritual practices to increase your awareness; learn and practice Law of Attraction principles; study spiritual and metaphysical subjects, meditate, do yoga, etc. There are many ways to connect with your spirit, but you have to set your intention, then you have to do it.

Now it’s up to you. Find the practices and disciplines that speak to you, and move forward with discovering your true, magnificent self. There’s so much more to know, and once you start exploring you’ll be just like Alice; alive with curiosity and excitement, and on the path to a whole new life. So, come on let’s go down the rabbit hole together. Hey, it’ll be fun!!

©April, 2012 There’s More to Us Than Meets the Eye!, by Lyn Williams

Love and Happiness Mastery© Coach
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