Monday, January 14, 2013

Transforming Your Life - What's your 2013 'wonder-ful' A-HA moment?

Today, I was 'wondering', have you had any 'A-HA' moments recently, regarding the progress of your dreams, life-path or purpose?

Have you overcome a very challenging behavior or belief; moved away from a dysfunctional life situation; or changed careers to follow your dream...

My most significant ‘A-HA’ moment was that I'd turned a corner energetically.

I've experienced many setbacks and experiences of lack and limitation in recent years. But, the Law of Attraction/Law of Manifestation work I've been doing to shift my energy, mindset and intentions has actually shifted.

I don’t have that worry-fear-stress like I used to. And, my needs are being met, even when I can’t see how it will happen. And, when I do get stressed, I use my tools and the worry-feelings reside much faster. I’m actually attracting what I need to me.

I’ve moved past my insecurities and created my first 'coaching' video series in December. Now, I’m helping other women in transition to do the same.

Even though I wasn't exactly where I 'wanted' to be on my path, and everything wasn't perfect, I realized where I was, was 'good enough'. I decided to start from right where I was and allow myself to be guided to my next steps.

Now I'm getting feedback from the new clients who are using my coaching program. It's been so great to hear about their progress and watching a child grow up. I love rejoicing with them and hearing their stories.

If I hadn't taken my 'leap of faith' and trusted that I was ready, they wouldn't be having the wonderful, transformational experiences they're having now. That makes my heart sing!♥

What's your 'wonder-ful' A-HA moment?


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